What is Sales Enablement?

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Marketplace competition is fierce. Buyer preferences change quickly. For companies that want to stay ahead, sales practices, processes, tools, and content must keep up.

A strategy that has gained traction in recent years is sales enablement. This article answers questions we get frequently on the topic. We explain why sales enablement is crucial, cover the benefits, list the top tasks, and share how to assess its effectiveness.

Understanding sales enablement

Sales enablement is essential for a successful revenue team. Seventy-six percent of organizations see a 6% to 20% sales increase from sales enablement, according to data from Learn Hub.

Unfortunately, many companies either fumble their sales enablement strategy or lack one altogether. Some fail to define how sales enablement fits into the sales process. Others wait too long to assemble a sales enablement team. Some companies make both errors.

Sales enablement provides salespeople with tools, content, and information to sell products effectively. Common tasks are:

  • Developing and maintaining selling processes and delivering sales training initiatives.
  • Implementing sales enablement tools and training sales reps on how to use them.
  • Creating sales content, like presentations, templates, and reports.
  • Building and expanding onboarding and ongoing education initiatives.
  • Producing and updating sales playbooks and training sales reps on how to use them.
  • Tracking sales productivity by analyzing a variety of sales metrics.

How do you know you need sales enablement?

Sales enablement can benefit your organization in various scenarios.

  • If there are pain points with your sales reps preventing them from reaching their quotas.
  • If there are issues with onboarding new reps.
  • If your team's sales tools have inefficiencies or missing features.
  • If there are struggles to coordinate sales, marketing, and product development teams?]
  • If your team doesn’t have a solid grasp of the product’s capabilities and benefits.
  • If sales managers or team members question any of these things.

What are the benefits to organizations?

Although not a complete list, we share five of the biggest benefits that a sales enablement program can provide.

Efficient Cross-Functional Alignment

Effective sales teams do not operate in a vacuum. Modern sales teams are effective when they collaborate continuously. Sales, marketing, and product teams work together closely. For example., working closely with the marketing team helps reps understand the buyer's journey. It can also provide them with crucial marketing materials for closing deals.

More Effective Sales Hiring

Finding talented candidates for your salesforce can be challenging. A sales enablement team understands hiring new salespeople well. For this reason, sales enablement plays a central role in the sales hiring process. They can define the competencies and traits needed for success. They provide helpful interview questions.

Better Sales Training

Sales Hacker data shows 25% of reps feel lacking in sales training. Sales enablement actively trains an organization's sales reps. It designs and implements training initiatives. It provides managers with sales coaching and materials.

Improved Process and Tool Implementation

Sales enablement is responsible for curating and implementing sales tools. The team helps the organization select the right tools for the job. It integrates them into the sales process. They train your revenue team to use them effectively.

Improved Sales Content Creation

A sales enablement team produces relevant content. It collaborates with sales managers, marketing, and product development teams. They create tools for sales, like templates and scripts. They also handle sales playbook updates, content management, and reports.

Measuring sales enablement effectiveness

Upleveling sales team performance is essential. Demonstrating ROI shows the impact of the sales enablement team. Key metrics to track include:

  • Track lead conversion rates to evaluate sales strategy effectiveness.
  • Monitor the sales cycle duration from lead generation to deal closure to speed up the process.
  • Analyze the average size to evaluate the effectiveness of maximizing deal value.
  • Measure sales productivity by the number of calls, meetings, and deals closed.
  • Assess sales collateral's effectiveness by analyzing metrics like views, downloads, and shares.

Adding sales enablement to your organization

Convinced that adding sales enablement to your revenue team is a good strategic decision? Integrating sales enablement into your organization requires a systematic approach.

Here are some steps to consider:

  • Evaluate your organization's sales processes, resources, and capabilities. Identify strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement.
  • Clearly state the goals of your sales enablement plan. This may include improving sales, increasing win rates, or boosting customer satisfaction.
  • Align stakeholders to ensure a unified approach to sales enablement. Foster collaboration among sales, marketing, product, and relevant departments.
  • Invest in the right sales enablement technology solutions. This includes CRM systems, sales automation tools, and content management platforms.
  • Create sales materials like presentations, case studies, product demos, and FAQs. These materials will assist sales efforts.
  • Create training programs to enhance sales teams' knowledge, skills, and resources. Programs should be comprehensive and help them succeed in their roles.


Sales enablement equips sales teams with tools, resources, and knowledge. This drives revenue growth, enhances sales productivity, and fosters customer satisfaction. This makes effective sales enablement a key element of a productive sales team.

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