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SaaS Biotech Leader Gains Fresh Perspective

Collaborative Drug Discovery (CDD). CDD's SaaS solution streamlines the complex process of pre-clinical trial drug discovery, allowing scientists to concentrate on groundbreaking research instead of data management.

Our dedicated marketing manager delivered essential execution support across multiple areas, including website migration, webinar creation, demand generation, event planning and logistics, digital advertising, and social media.

CDD Vault added fresh perspective to its marketing efforts, saving valuable time and resources, and avoiding the need for recruitment, training, and management.

“We needed help with marketing execution, but lacked the time to staff internally - Revwisely got it done right.”

Abe Wang
Marketing Director

Water Management Leader Taps Marketing Expert

Apana. As a leader in the industry, Apana empowers customers to use less water, enhancing operational efficiency, boosting the bottom line, and benefiting the environment.

With our help, Apana introduced the concept of “water efficiency as a service.” Our contributions included engagement content like blogs, case studies, product sheets, a ROI calculator, and other sales aids.

These efforts resulted in a 2x increase in Apana's qualified pipeline and a threefold surge in website traffic, elevating their market presence and impact.

"Revwisely had the right mix of marketing talent – strategy, content creation, execution."

Don Lanum
VP of Sales & Marketing

More Green for Sustainability SaaS Provider

Scope 5. As an award-winning provider of sustainability tracking and data analytics software, The company helps organizations quantify emissions and uncover opportunities to reduce waste.

We began with customer interviews to refresh product messaging. Then we built an efficient inbound engine, enhancing the website experience and developing a robust content and SEO strategy.

The results outperformed industry benchmarks. Prospects had more meaningful touchpoints. Scope 5 had more meetings and sales opportunities.

“Revwisely handled our demand generation so we could focus on development and customer success.”

Yoram Bernet

Healthcare Provider Wins Market Traction

Numo Health. A provider reimagining pulmonology service, Numo is dedicated to delivering accessible care for patients with respiratory conditions like chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

Numo enlisted our expertise to research, test, and refine their go-to-market strategy. We built a phone-first, multi-channel outbound engine to enhance patient engagement and drive growth.

Our efforts helped the company forge strong referral partnerships with primary care physicians and successfully acquired new patients directly.

“Revwisely is an extension of our team, helping us go-to- market faster and more effectively.”

Dr. Navya Davuluri
CEO & Co-Founder

Refrigeration Leader Grows Healthy Pipeline

Axiom Cloud. Led by a team of refrigeration experts, data scientists, and software developers, this mission-driven startup is revolutionizing the operation, maintenance, and optimization of cooling systems.

Our contributions included developing detailed buyer personas, executing targeted inbound and outbound marketing campaigns, and providing sales coaching and enablement.

Our efforts resulted in remarkable growth: webinar attendance surged by 485%, website traffic increased by 15%, and MQLs grew by 53%.

“Revwisely brought experience and track record to our work together, helping grow engagement and pipeline."

Amrit Robbins
CEO and Co-Founder

Fractional Sales Executive Spurs New Sales

Eden Labs. Specialists in designing and building advanced extraction systems, Eden Labs delivers safe, efficient, and high-quality botanical extracts for a variety of industries.

Working with the CEO, we provided expertise, insights, and hands-on management. Contributions included a selling process, simplified packaging and pricing, deal qualification, and negotiation.

Led by a fractional sales executive, Eden Labs improved its market position and increased its win-rate. Revenue grew 30%.

“As our fractional Sales VP, Chris has steered our company to more than 30% revenue growth.”

AC Braddock

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