When to Hire a Business Sales Consultant

Sales consulting represents approximately 20% of total management consulting activity in North America. Why do so many businesses go outside for guidance?

For many reasons. Buyers' behaviors are changing fast. Marketing and sales tech are exploding. New types of prospect data are available. AI is emerging. The resulting market noise numbs buyer interest.

Maybe you are starting a new company or growing an existing business. In both cases, a sales consultant can help. They can teach you new skills and optimize your sales strategy. They can modernize how you go to market and make it scalable.

On the other hand, hiring the wrong consultant means you lose time, waste energy, and spend unnecessarily.

If you’ve been considering business sales consulting, read on. We will discuss when and why it may make sense for you.

We answer the four biggest questions:

Can a Sales Consulting Company Increase Your Revenue?

The short answer: absolutely. Let's delve deeper into why.

First, sales consultants can help with strategic analysis and sales process improvement. They assess your existing sales funnel and identify bottlenecks, inefficiencies, and missed opportunities. Consultants can help you improve each stage of the sales journey. They go from getting leads to making sales and keeping customers.

Guidance on market segmentation and targeting is another area where sales consultants have an impact. They help clients find their ideal customer profile. They tailor messaging and align sales efforts. This helps allocate resources where they are likely to have the most impact.

Sales coaching and training is another area. Your sales team learns new skills, techniques, and the mindset necessary to excel.

The best sales consultants work with you to use data and technology to inform decisions. They use them to improve sales strategies. They can find hidden patterns in customer behavior. They can forecast sales trends and suggest ways to grow revenue.

What Does a Sales Consultant Do?

Let’s break this down more. The best sales consultants are like jackknives. Here's a snapshot of a typical day in the life of a sales consultant:

  • Strategic Planning. Sales consultants develop sales strategies aligned with the client's objectives. They conduct market research, analyze competitors, and identify growth opportunities.
  • Sales Process Optimization. Consultants evaluate existing sales processes. They look for areas to improve and make changes that streamline workflows and boost efficiency.
  • Performance Analysis. Sales consultants monitor key performance indicators (KPIs). They assess sales effectiveness. They identify trends, patterns, and areas of underperformance for correction.
  • Training and Development. Equipping sales teams with the skills, knowledge, and tools is another priority. This involves conducting training sessions, workshops, and one-on-one coaching sessions.
  • Technology Integration. Sales consultants assess a client’s technology. They recommend the right sales automation tools and CRM systems. They also oversee their implementation.

When to Hire a Business Sales Consulting Company

You should hire a sales consulting company only if you understand your organization's needs. Here are the top scenarios where enlisting a sales consultant can help:

  • Scaling your business. A sales consultant can help you expand the sales team with great new hires. They can help optimize processes and build out sales infrastructure.
  • Sales that stall. A sales consultant can audit your sales processes. They find areas to improve and refine strategies to restart growth.
  • Improving sales effectiveness. Sales consultants can help with generating leads. They can boost conversion rates and improve customer retention. They help you fine-tune your sales engine.
  • Launching a new product or service. A sales consulting firm can help you build an efficient go-to-market plan.
  • Navigating market disruption. Sales consultants guide you through many challenges. These include technological advances, changing buyer preferences, and new competitors.

How Do You Measure the ROI of Sales Consulting Services?

You can quickly measure the effectiveness and impact sales consulting has on revenue. At Revwisely, we calculate the cost against the change in revenue and measure the ROI consistently.

You and your consultant can set specific and measurable goals. For example, suppose you were looking for ways to improve business communications. You also want to increase traffic. You can use metrics like click rate, response rate, open and bounce ratios, and conversion rates.

It’s also important to remember that there are intangible benefits. For example, is there a difference in your team’s confidence after working with a sales expert? They are more productive? Are your systems and processes working better? Though growth can feel slow, you’ll know if the partnership is working sooner than you think.


Many business owners and leaders hire consultants as a way to fill gaps within their companies. Sales consultants can add unique skills and fresh perspectives. They bring tried and true strategies for improving your business from the ground up.

It's not just about fixing current problems. It's about unlocking potential. It's about positioning your organization for long-term success.

Now you have a better idea of what to expect when hiring a business sales consulting company. Our team of experts can help you refine your strategy.

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